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May 13, 2019

This week’s episode is the final part of our Accessing Your Gifts, Talents and Magic series. Two weeks ago, we started the conversation with Part 1 on how to identify our magic. In last week’s episode we discussed how to activate our magic and today, we’re bringing it full circle, with how to own it.

We’ve all felt that sparkle - the happiness, joy, and awe that occurs when we’re in full creative expression. Challenges often arise with understanding how to move beyond these one-off occurrences sparks of magic. How do we regularly experience that feeling? How can we create a life where we’re regularly engaged in creative expression and our magic is readily accessible?

This series is one that’s very special to us because if we all sparkled just a little bit brighter, we’re talking just a 1% increase to our vibe, we could shift the planet. When it comes to our magic, the possibilities are endless

Nick and Kisma


Time Stamps:

2:10 Serving the Planet

“Whenever we’re at the highest and best of ourselves, whenever we have more joy, happiness, energy, whenever we are coming from the creative mind as opposed to the competitive mind, we’re being way more of service to the entire planet” - KISMA

8:27 Tantrums

KISMA: “Being able to utilize the creativity, the self-expression, the magic, breaks a lot of this energy. Think about it this way, everyone - if you have a child in your life, whether it’s your own child or someone else’s, and that child is just so wanting to color you’re very likely not going to go to the child and say ‘no, you can’t.’ We all know what a child who can’t color feels like, they get said or upset. I’m not saying we have to openly throw tantrums or a be a child - there is a need for this creativity, and this expression, and this happiness.”

NICK: “There’s a part of you that will be throwing a tantrum”

11:58 Our Similarities

“For me, I haven’t necessarily noticed a huge difference between people who are in start-up phase or in some struggles, and people who are really, really successful. In everywhere in between people have things going on below the surface that take them out of that and are some pretty deep inner conflicts.” - NICK


15:22 Sustaining a Shift

“When you can step out of yourself and into something a little bit different, you start to create a shift. Now, the purpose of this episode is really about sustaining that. It's not so difficult to create a shift, you can do it and in that moment, it will be an uplifting experience. It’ll be something that reminds you of a deeper level of who you are and that’s wonderful. How many times do people have that and then they wake up the next day and it’s back to the same way? So, a one-off isn’t going to do it” - NICK

22:27 Feed Your Soul

“If you’re finding yourself not sure and stuck, one of the best places to start is turn off your phone and go take a walk in nature. Separate from social media, separate from electronics, and go outside and reconnect with Mother Nature. If you know what it is you want to do, schedule it now - bring it in. Is it weekly? Is it a monthly occurrence where you get to feed your soul? ” - KISMA