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Sep 29, 2021

In part 2 of this series on Anger, we explore the hidden underbelly of anger...

...the vulnerable places anger protect
...the call for change and transformation
...the use and misuse of anger

Under it all is one big fat lie that Anger tells us. And once you see it, you can make wonderful changes in your life WITHOUT...

Sep 22, 2021

What's making you angry these days?

Family? Political stuff? Frustrated about money or your career? Kids?

Anger is a powerful energy. Yes, it can be an agent for change, but at what cost to your mind, energy and relationships? 

In this 2-part series we'll break down 4 common games anger plays in our lives and how to...

Sep 13, 2021

Today we're going to talk about our cats. Our little spirit animals. Here's why- maybe you're not a cat lover, but let's just face it guys. It's been a weird freaking time. And I think it's a time where we've turned towards our animals and our animals have turned towards us. 

My heart breaks when I hear stories about...