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Dec 2, 2019

This week’s episode is Working with the Law - The Law of Increase. This is part 9 in our series of Working with the Law. Be sure to go back and listen to the others in this series to benefit from the full teaching of Working with the Law. These podcasts are based off of the book: Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell.  You can purchase the book here:

06:11 God responds to Praise

We're coming from a spiritual background, God being the law, being the universe, spirit, source, whatever your word is, and what's important here. What this means to me is that God, universe, spirit doesn't need our praise. It's it. That Supreme essence is just fine. It does not mean anything. Yet it responds to us and we ourselves need to praise. We need that praise towards the universe, towards the laws so that it becomes, you know, we're close to it. It never goes away, but it becomes our perception of it, our feelings, our knowing. I feel like it's our knowing that becomes more real and more thick.


07:22 - Harmonizing the Laws

I really think about it like a harmonization. It's like you're harmonizing with these laws. But he (Raymond) puts it into action and he says where his faith is wisdom and understanding. Right. So that's like the understanding part of the laws are the laws, the spiritual laws are the spiritual laws. They are what they are. You're not going to influence those. It's the best that you can do is take them. So faith and wisdom. Faith is wisdom and understanding. Whereas praise is the application of that understanding. So he brings it into this rocket fuel. That's exactly how he describes it as as fuel.


08:11 - Using The Law of Praise

When people show up, having conversations about working with me or doing The Prosperity Code or, joining the Ashram, they're focusing a lot on things that aren't working. In essence, as I see them using the Law of Praise in a way that will bring unfortunate results to them. It's like what are you putting your attention on? And if you're putting attention on what you don't have, guess what? What you don't have is going to grow.


09:10 - What are you Praising?

A really important part of the whole thing is like what are you praising? We might not think we're praising the qualities in a person that we don't like. We might not think of that as praise, but when you're putting your attention on that, when that's what you're talking about, that is exactly what you're praising in this context.

A woman was crying bitterly and praying tearfully to God for her release. The master hearing her silenced her and asked, is your God a God of tears of grief and anguish and pain? I know God is a giver of joy and peace and happiness and love. You want peace and joy. Yet you pray to your Father with tears. If you want black, do you ask for white? If you ask for fish, do you expect a serpent? That's how we just throw a serpent in there. If you ask for bread, do you expect a stone? And he continues on like this, right? And it requires that clarity of thought of objectivity to understand what we're actually praising?


10:56 - It’s a Virus
What are you praising, right? You're praising destruction or drama. Misfortune. I mean it's like a virus. It really truly is like a virus. 


12:22 - Right the Ship with Praise

I'll see this happen with a lot of people run their own business. If they're having a slow month or something has turned, it's all of a sudden obsession on that without pausing to go, wait a minute, look what I have done. Look what else I have done. Praising is a really fast way to right the ship of any slow month of anything that goes wrong. He's like, praise what you have received. Get back into that energy, that disposition and things will clean up super fast.


13:23 - Praise Expands the Mind Upward

There are the energetic consequences. He says praise expands and opens the mind upward. And if you think of mind as energy, which is really what it is, it expands the mind upward. While it's opposite condemnation contracts and restricts.


14:28 How can what you make ‘wrong’ find it’s way to you?

It's so powerful because when you think of it, when you criticize people with money or when you make money wrong, then you're really affecting everything that you do with money. But furthermore, why would more money come your way if you're making money wrong or say you want a relationship and you're jealous of somebody else's, where ever you make something wrong that you actually want. Why would it find its way to you?


(In the book, Raymond) says, praise with the heart is far more vital and effectual than praise with the head or praise with the lips.

Now, when I think about this in action, that is praise is an active state. It's not just an idea. He's saying here when he's saying heart, it's an embodied state. It's in your whole being, right? You're living it rather than just thinking it and certainly rather than just talking it. So the words, I think whatever words you choose around that, the words are important because they allow you to connect with that state. But ultimately it is a state. It's not a thought. It's a state of being. When you're in that state of praise, that's when your full heart is engaged and you know the heart is incredibly resourceful as far as an energetic source. The heart is incredibly resourceful and lots of times when there is lack and limitation around the fear or worry starts to come in, certainly in condemnation and criticism, those are all things that shrink that that particular energy, it contracts that energy.


24:18 The Law of Increase

That is the law of increase. This chapter is called the law of increase. The whole reason we're talking about the praise is because the praise is what expands you into that ever increasing state. You know, you honor that part. Our degree of faith in the law and God is measured before we receive mass.


25:54 The Expectations is Full Faith

The degree is measured before we receive and not after. It's that full faith. You don't wait until you get the new house or whatever it is you want or something to then say, okay, it works.

You're in. I'm working with the law. That's the beauty of the expectation in the whole manifesting of your attention. What you want, the interest, the interest is going, you're focused, you're doing and the expectation is it's going to work out. The challenge with that is sometimes it comes in in different ways than what they think. So it's having the receivable energy and having that full faith even before it arrives.


28:43 - Be grateful for your cake!

The law increase is you can have the cake and eat it too at the entire cake. Just be grateful for it.