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Oct 26, 2020

In this episode we are continuing with part two of How To Shape Your Reality. 

1:40 Recap

I do want to give a little recap from last week. 

Basically we're breaking this down into four principles. Knowing, Heart, Action and Receptivity.

The knowing and the heart work together. Knowing in your mind's eye what it is you...

Oct 19, 2020

In this episode we talk about How to Shape Your Reality.

2:48 Manifesting

What we want to talk about today, and we might be talking about it more and more, is how to shape your reality, basically manifesting. 

And I think I know where I want to kick this off. 

If you're not shaping your reality, the outside reality...

Oct 12, 2020

This episode is about Cosmic Peace.

1:33 Elevating Ourselves

Last week our episode was about how to anchor the peace within, it was practical application about choosing to turn the noise down, choosing to not get into arguments, and more. 

Today we're going to raise it up into more of the cosmic nature. 

So when we...

Oct 5, 2020

This episode is about How to Anchor the Peace Within.

01:01 Your Peace

There's a lot going on right now.


There is a lot going on, and that's why we wanted to talk about anchoring the peace within.

We felt it was really important to find ways to bring your peace and anchor it because there is so much noise in the...