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Dec 16, 2019

Today we are wrapping up our extended series on Working with the Law - book by Raymond Hollowell and his 11 truth principles. This is part 11, wrapping it up with the Law of Obedience.

03:11 - OBEDIENCE, no thank you!

This obedience word, it has a charge to it.


3:12 - I don’t like being told what to do… how about you?

I don't like being told what to do. Anybody who knows me, knows I do not like being told what to do. However, in this context we want to break down what obedience is. Why? So you can make peace with that word obedience and, and if you're going to obey something, this is the thing to obey. 


04:03 - The book of Jeremiah

In the book of Jeremiah, it says, obey my voice and I will be your God and you shall be my people. 


05:00 - Daily Practice of the Laws are NEEDED

I think a big theme in this whole series is that these are not just some esoteric thoughts that it's nice to understand and hear about it. These are laws that operate in and through your daily life. 

These invisible laws operate in all of those little hidden places. You're either with it or you're against it whether you know it or not. So he works with it or against it according to his obedience. 


07:00 - God Created the Law

Perhaps in no way has religion gone so far astray as in its conception or understanding of God, whether it be the God of the Christians or the heathen instead of recognizing that the Supreme intelligence is law operating according to, and as surely as the laws of nature men have created in their ideas, a God who is partial subject to appeal from Saint and sinner alike.

A God who can be persuaded and bargain with a God who gives life and takes it away. A God who heals sickness and causes it. A God who impoverishes and enriches. A God who rewards and punishes. And having accepted this wrong idea, it has made prayer largely a matter of doubts, lacking in that strong assurance that a thing will be so, because it is according to divine law.


7:41 - Prayer is NOT a bargaining platform

That bargaining prayer, I promise I'll be a good person if you get me the money to pay my rent or you do this God and then I'll do that.

Like, why are we bargaining? Who even taught us to pray that way? It's really interesting.


07:59 - They Misunderstand the Laws

This bargaining kind of attitude, where it gets a little twisted up is actually back in some of the other laws. For example the law of karma. if you want more of this then you give more.  If you want more love in your life, give more love in your life. You know? So I think that's a place where some people get a little twisted it up. They’re misunderstanding the laws.


08:25 - This for that… is not a prayer!

I think they're just bargaining with God, I don't think they understand the law at all. I think they are just like, come on God. I promise if you just give me this, because it's again, rather than just praying to, to give thanks and to live the life you desire, state it, this is what I desire and thank you. Let the prayers be about having the strength to stay on the path. Let the prayers be the strength to obey the universal laws. Let the prayers be about support. But once you put it out there, it's there. God, Source, Universe, Spirit has heard and is responding. Now it's up to us.


13:57 - Just like in Nature

When we see nature, and this is just such a perfect example, and we understand the power of nature and that we are nature. So why would we not enjoy the same powers and abundance that nature does?


14:27 - You are apart of Nature

We always have the choice to be in harmony with it or to be in disharmony. You can't, not, be part of nature though.


19:07 - 

The laws are not complicated. They're laid out beautifully in this book (Working with the Laws) and there are plenty of them in here. Certainly there are more. But there's plenty in this book to really give you a lot to think about work on.


20:01 - Why am I being disobedient? 

If we are to obey the Spirit within us rather than the conditions about us than the law requires us to first think things into existence from within before we shall see them on the without. So when we experience that inner, maybe just frustration or whatever those things are that are going on inside of the scene or conflicts and things like that, it gives us that opportunity to align and really refocus, say, “okay, what's going on inside of me that I can shift to align?”


20:20 - 

Disobedience to the law is refusal to do what we know is right. We all know the right, but we do not always do it because it seems to interfere or delay our immediate attainment of the object that we see.