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Dec 23, 2019

This week’s episode is The Year in Review - How to Set Yourself Up For an Amazing 2020 and Beyond. Everyone's talking about the year 2020 being perfect vision. I like to look at it as perfect inner vision, perfect mind's eye vision, perfect intuitive vision and that is what we will be discussing in today’s episode.

01:31 - The Spirit of Presence

It's so cosmic, but really getting into that place internally where we are clear and oftentimes the clarity comes from the review with what worked, what didn't work, what happened, what didn’t and all in a spirit of presence. Simply moving forward.


02:13 - Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

You said something interesting I want to highlight because this is one of my year end practices and it's really important to me. I've seen it really help a lot of people as well when it didn’t work… You know, as we start to reflect on the year, inevitably there will be things that didn't work the way that we wanted inevitably and what we want to do in order to stop this energy is add period. 


03:58 - Start With Forgiveness

When we're caught in disappointment or blame or judgment, that kind of stuff, low vibe stuff, then all it does is just gloom up the work. And so then we wind up carrying a big old Santa bag of unwanted things into the new year. One of the most important practices I really follow, around this time of year, is forgiveness. Maybe you had a really rough year, not for any other reason than you just sabotage the heck out of yourself.  And so there can be a lot of things associated with that. Even guilt around it or whatever.


04:24 - What Do You Need to Forgive?

What do you need to forgive yourself for? Because that's the thing that holds on, that's the thing that will hang on to the next decade. What do you need to forgive in yourself? And so when I look back at my year, it really was about growth in my business, attracting so many amazing clients and students and it would not have worked if I held on to places where I thought I made a mistake or I over-invested or I worked with the wrong coach or what like I wouldn't have been clear.

I wouldn't have been the container to receive the amazing people in my life.


05:56 - Nick’s Reflection

I think if there's something I would have changed about this past year, for myself in particular, is just that there's certain periods when I just kind of lost myself in the flow of things and took my eye off the ball on a certain place in certain places.


09:04 - KISMA’s Reflection

I know, for me, looking back, if there was something I wanted to change, it would be more time with Zoe. I always want more time with her. I'm not saying she wants more time with me. Also, I'm always looking to be more present in every moment because I know I can go super fast. So as I carve out time moving forward, one of the things that I really want is more space to really be studying and to be manifesting. We've got to get connected to source, but take the space to expand the consciousness to realize it.


15:57 - LET IT GO!

We could go on and on with the favorites, but at this point of this episode and for each and every one of you, what can you glance back and go: that was all right or it didn't go quite as I wanted and let it go. What can you glance back and be like, I really rocked that and I'm so grateful and then request more of it. 

So for the year in review we get to, without a lot of judgment, good, bad, right or wrong, just to look back and be like, this was amazing, this didn't quite work. This was good. How I'm grateful for this. And then to just be so much more present as we enter 2020 is we do learn so much by that art of introspection and you know, doing it daily is amazing. 

What I want everyone to do is take some time and write out what your vision is for 2020 just go for it. Put yourself in it like it's a play, see it. Don't think small. Just write exactly what you want and then write it out. Put it somewhere safe so that you can go back a year from now and read and see all the magical ways that you manifest it.


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