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Aug 31, 2020

In this week’s episode we are concluding our series on Moving from Chaos to Calm

2:55 Recap

This is part three of our series about going from chaos to calm. 

So just to recap, in part one we talked about the fact that you have the ability to create calm. And then in part two we talked about what's really going on inside you.


5:03 What Is Going On In The Inside

This episode is an interesting one and that is for you to ponder that in some way, if there's chaos in your life, you've created it. You attracted it. 

This is not a good, bad, right, or wrong thing. If you have chaos in your life, or it comes and it goes, this does not mean you're a bad person, but I want to share something from a beautiful teaching.

It's by Earl Nightingale, who's one of the founders of personal growth. And he's the author of a book called The Strangest Secret and he put it very simply, “What is going on in the inside shows on the outside”. 


6:30 Watch Your World Change

I'd like to encourage everybody to look at this more on a personal scale to start. 

When you look at it in a personal context, you'll really understand how to start to solve it in yourself. And then you'll get to watch your world change in really amazing ways. 


And it takes a great amount of courage and vulnerability and trust to work with the Universal Laws and Spirit, Source, God and to be like, “Okay, I'm going to examine what is the benefit, what’s the little reward that I might get when I create chaos in my life?”


When you ask something like that, or like, “What am I actually getting from this?” 

Then you have a much more clear path to your motivation behind creating it, and you can decide differently. 


12:19 You Get To Decide Differently

Going back to the very first episode, it's a choice. It's a choice to have chaos in your life. And it's being used for a reason and everybody's got their own different nuances to the reasons. But knowing yours is extremely valuable because then you get to decide differently.


16:37 Get Real

So in order to move from that chaos to calm, you have to really observe and get real with what you're putting into your life, how you're responding, how you're reacting, and also ask yourself, “What are the little rewards I get from creating chaos?”


This is where you'll have the opportunity to unwind it in a deeper way in your life.


And if you would like to go even deeper into creating more calm and certainty, this episode is brought to you by my audio training, Calm The Chaos. 


18:22 The Master Of Your Life

Also just remember who you are. You are this amazing human being with an amazing, powerful Universe, God, Source all around you and within you, that is ready to respond to what you put in, how you think, how you speak, how you act.  And you can be the master of your life.