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Nov 10, 2020

In this episode we are continuing with our series How to Shape Your Reality. This is part four and we talk about how to align the head and the heart.

1:11 Rewriting The Script

Last week we talked about rewriting your script.


If you've not listened to last week’s episode yet go back when you're done with this one and listen to it. 


3:02 Head and Heart Conflict

Let's talk about that head and heart.

What does it mean to not be in alignment with the head and the heart?


Well, that's a good question. That is a very, very common experience that people experience all the time in so many different ways.

A lot of times it's like, “Well, you know, my head wants this, but my heart wants this.” So the head and the heart have a conflict.


4:00 Emotional Clarity

And having emotional clarity is actually a really important part of getting them aligned. Emotional clarity is key when you deal with the heart.


Wow. That's a powerful use of two words, emotional clarity

Emotional clarity is that discerning whether or not an emotion serves you and if it is in alignment with what you want.


8:14 The Mind

So, talk about the head piece, the mind as most people think about it. 


Objectivity is a part of the mind, the intellect.

There's the intellect, the observer that gets to look at ourselves from a different perspective.

And the mind makes decisions. 

So the head's role is really to be the observer and to watch self, to hold you true to yourself. 


12:08 The Unity of Head and Heart

The unity of the head and the heart is basically getting those two on board to have the same conversation about what we're here to do and what you want your life to be. 

And the beauty of the head and heart really being aligned is you get to take a truly intentional action. 


19:09 For Our Listeners

I would suggest for our listeners, start journaling on this. You could write what it would feel like if your head and heart were aligned and just describe it in the most beautiful ways of who you want to be and what you want to create.

And if you’ve missed the first three episodes of this series, go back and listen.

Also, if you're interested in the type of coaching that either Nick or myself, Kisma does, we happen to be really good at finding that authentic version of you. Just send us an email at and we'll set up a time to chat with you.