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Dec 8, 2021

Love songs are beautiful. And terribly dysfunctional…

Look, we love a great love song (or RomCom for that matter) as much as anyone. But the truth is that the beliefs and ideas deeply embedded in our culture around love and relationships create massive stress in relationships.

When it comes to having happy and healthy relationships, it’s not always so simple…

One person goes through a tough time, and pulls the other into it.
(We’re in this together, right?)
Toxicity creeps in.
Slowly our energy is drained.

Managing your energy in relationships is critical to stay out of these destructive patterns, but it can seem counterintuitive because of the beliefs we’ve picked up along the way about love and relationships.

There’s one technique we teach that changes the game (you can learn it here) and there is one question that we ALWAYS get…

This episode sets the record straight with fresh insight and powerful tools to allow more love and create more freedom in all of your relationships.


Nick & Kisma

P.S. You can find Nick’s energy training at Use These Ancient Techniques to Reset Your Energy from Stuck, Stressed or Scattered to Free and Clear